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IN-communication develops, produces and distributes communication and training systems designed to increase the knowledge level, awareness and motivation of the personnel on all levels.

These systems are widely used in Europe and worldwide.

They include, multimedia training supports, training and technical documents, (paper and electronic), posters...
The ensemble brings a homogeneous visual identity to your health and safety message.

The supports range from catalogue titles to customized packages and communication strategy development.

Training on the implementation and use of the different supports and on how to make them evolve in-house is also proposed.


dEHSign is a DECISIONAL AID for integrating Environment, Health and Safety into construction projects

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Hazardous substances Petrol, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries


Biological Risk Medical and Pharmaceutical industries




EBE Health and well-being


Cancer causing agents Asbestos - Vinyl Chloride


Safety training for the cement industry


SHELL 0.4 Alcohol at work


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